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WE are students

Students are building their values, visions, and setting the path for the rest of their lives. Mental health plays a vital role in their academic success and ability to move forward.

WE are co-workers

Mental health in the workplace determines how we handle stress, interact with professionals, and make important decisions. 

WE are activists

As an activist, it is important to continuously learn and exchange different perspectives mental health and work towards a community of wellness.

Private Parties

Taylor studies your industry and organizational culture to create a customized keynote that reinforces your event’s theme and feels personally relevant to each member of your audience.

WE are healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals play an important role in the well-being of others, but in order to do this they must be able to take care of their own wellbeing first.

WE are family members

When an individual is dealing with a mental illness, the family is in fact impacted the most by it and have the greatest influence on how recovery will progress. 

WE are peers

It is statistically proven that one is more likely to approach their peers if they are struggling with mental health before anyone else, even healthcare professionals.

Corporate Events


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